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    Established in 1990, Suzhou Luosen Auxiliaries Co. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in disperse dyes, chemical intermediates and Niclosamide series pesticides in China. For decades, Luosen has been supplying the world with high quality products.


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    Suzhou Luosen Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures disperse dyes, intermediates and Niclosamide series pesticides. Our products are exported to the United States, Japan, Europe and South Asia. For decades, we have been committing to providing the best quality products to our customers.


    Amid climate change concerns, we strive to produce products that are cleaner, safer and better through series of technological innovations.
    For example we are granted the patent of producing eco-type DCPNA by ammonolysis ( chloridizing the PNCB to get 3,4,5 – trichloronitrobenzene, then followed by separation & ammonolysis. ). This method allows us to control PCB, PCP and TECP contents under 4 ppm, and Dioxin content controlled within 1 ppb.


    At Luosen, we believe in the miracles of chemistry. Using our technological know-how, we hope to change the world for good.

  • Subsidiaries

    Nantong Luosen Chemical Co., Ltd.


    The total investment of Nantong Luosen Chemicals Co., Ltd. (NLCC) is 300 million RMB. NLCC began its operation in 2011, and is now the industry leading manufacturer of:

    • 3,4 – dichloronitrobenzene with annual capacity of 10000MT
    • 3,4-Dichloroaniline with annual capacity of 5000MT. 
    • P-phenylenediamine with annual capacity of 5000MT.

    Wujiang Luosen Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd.


    Wujiang Luosen Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd. began its operation in 2008. It strives to provide clean energy for the region. The facility occupies a land of 54 hectare, and produces 180 million kw of electricity each year.

    Wujiang Keou Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.


    Wujiang Keou Sewage Treatment Co.,Ltd. began in January, 2008. With the daily capacity of treating 30,000MT chemicals & domestic sewage, its mission is to safeguard our environment and provide a better future for our children.

    Wujiang Yinlin Foreign Trading Co., Ltd.


    Founded in 2006, Wujiang City Yilin Foreign Trading Co. Ltd. is an international trader approved by Chinese government, with the license of Import & Export business. At present, all the staff are qualified, experienced and professional in their career.

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