Social Recruitmen

Social Recruitmen

Position: EHS Engineer
Department: Safety and Environment Department
Number of Recruitments:3
Education Requirement: Bachelor's degree or above in Engineering
Work Experience: Not limited
Salary Package: 6000-8000
Position Responsibilities:
1. Organize and implement the “Three Simultaneities” (i. e. simultaneous design, construction and operation of safety, environmental protection and occupational health) of new, renovated and expanded projects of the Company;
2. Organize and perform inspections of the company's safety production conditions, promptly identify potential production accidents, and make recommendations for improving safety production management; Urge the implementation of the environmental safety and production rectification measures of the Company;
3. Organize, engage in and direct the environmental safety production education and training of the Company, and record the environmental safety production education and training truthfully; 
4. Organize and participate in emergency rescue drills;
5. Participate in the emergency rescue and investigation of EHS accidents;
6. Work appropriately on approvals involving EHS, such as hazardous work permits, construction plans and changes; 
7. Participate in EHS risk assessment of production equipment, process changes, etc.; oversee the implementation of safety management measures for the major risks of the Company;
8. Restrain and correct the violations of rules and regulations, forced risky operations, violations of operating procedures;
9. Assist in the clean production work of the Company (energy saving and consumption reduction); 
10. Supervise the implementation of fire control related work;
11. Supervise the implementation of work related to environmental management, such as the discharge and treatment of three types of wastes.