Employment Philosophy

Employment Philosophy

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Integrated Virtue and Talent, Virtue First

Balanced Virtue and Talent, Exempted Promotion

Virtue without Talent, Cultivation-based Development

Talent without Virtue, Limited Employment

Neither Virtue nor Talent, No Employment


Open and tolerant team members

Engage in communication with an open mindset

Participate in teamwork with an inclusive mindset

Participate in the construction of the company with an ownership mindset 

Determined executor of efficiency

Decisive execution with clear direction to solve problems quickly and effectively

Immediate response to changes in competitors, customers and markets

Focus on efficiency and cost, continuously propose innovative solutions, perform competitive strategies


Supporter and promoter of changes

Shift the concept to adapt and actively promote the reform of company culture, development strategy, organizational structure and business process

Be able to learn and apply new professional knowledge and business skills rapidly

Be able to make self-adjustments to difficulties and setbacks arising from change and positively influence and motivate colleagues